Tom Ford - Oud Minérale (2023)

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Oud Minérale 2023 is the third and latest edition of Tom Ford’s groundbreaking fragrance that merges the warmth of oud with the freshness of the ocean. It is a scent that defies expectations and conventions, creating a new dimension of olfactory adventure and mystery.

The fragrance opens with a burst of pink pepper and salt, adding a spicy and mineral touch to the aquatic notes. The pink pepper, especially, adds a zesty edge that immediately captures attention. The sea notes are not the typical synthetic or citrusy ones, but rather a realistic and complex blend of seaweed, sea grass, and marine notes that evoke the sensation of being near the ocean, feeling the breeze and the spray on your skin.

The heart of the fragrance reveals the oud blend, a smoldering harmony of oud notes that is enveloped by deep woods and spice. The oud is not the usual intense or animalic one, but rather a tempered and refined one that balances the earthy and marine inflections. The fir balsam adds a green and resinous facet that complements the oud and the sea notes, creating a contrast of elements that is fascinating and captivating.

The drydown of the fragrance showcases the ambergris accord, the iconic ingredient that captivates with a warm, unexpected allure. The ambergris is not the typical sweet or powdery one, but rather a salty and musky one that enhances the skin-gripping quality of the fragrance.

Oud Minérale 2023 invites you to explore a new world of sensations and emotions, and to discover a new side of yourself. It celebrates the beauty and diversity of nature, and the power and mystery of oud. It is both daring and sophisticated, both modern and timeless, both masculine and feminine. It is truly a masterpiece. Main accords: marine, salty, aromatic, aquatic and oud.